Traineeship @ TinQwise

Make that jump!

Are you looking to start your career in EdTech? Look no further!
We present our TinQwise Traineeship program.

The TinQwise traineeship is a 12-month programme, during which you have the chance to work in different teams and try out various roles. We offer you a dynamic environment with the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. This will give you invaluable insight into how a scale-up company works and help you figure out what your passions and strengths are.

Sounds interesting? Here’s how it works. You will rotate through 3 different teams for 4 months each, with the opportunity to take on a diverse range of roles including:

  • Business developer
  • Learning/Implementation specialist
  • Creative marketer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Customer service support member
  • Creative specialist

In addition to these rotations, you will also run a number of trainee projects with your fellow trainees. These projects allow you to train your project management skills in a safe environment.

Curious to hear what our current trainees think about the program? Below you can read about some of their experiences.

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Jane Doe, Trainee

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John Doe, Trainee

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Jane Doe, Trainee

Inspired? That’s great to hear! But do you have what it takes? Most of our trainees are either recent graduates or people looking for a career switch. Are you excited to work in a fast-paced scale-up environment? Are you eager to learn and develop yourself? Are you ready to find the career path that is right for you?

We will soon be opening our traineeship vacancy for our next batch of trainees who will start working in September 2023. Keep a close eye on our website to not miss this opportunity.