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 You never get a second chance to make a first & last impression

You never get a second chance to make a first & last impression

Many organizations fear that their employees will leave them. It’ll mean losing a great deal of investment, since they’ve recruited and trained the people they’ve brought into their business. What happens to all the knowledge and experience those people will have acquired?

Research indicates that there’s no need to be too concerned about people leaving an organization after a short while. It turns out that people who switch jobs often will have a lot of knowledge to share about competitors, are quick to learn new things and network, and are high performing professionals. After three years in the same position, there’s hardly anything left for people to learn. And let’s not forget that we’re all one-time-only innovators.

Embrace jobhoppers

Joost Uitdewilligen, Creative Director at TinQwise: “Organizations are better off embracing job hoppers rather than fearing them. But it’ll require a new way of thinking. Instead of investing in headhunters, loyalty programs, and long-term development programs, an organization can also decide to keep up the pace for incoming and outgoing talent. That means facilitating and investing in on- and offboarding. It’s great for your reputation – and for your network.”

And this is how you do it:

Embrace jobhoppers

Every business, whether large or small, is able to organize onboarding and offboarding for modern professionals. A number of guidelines are important here:

Joost: "The main thing is to develop processes for both new hires and departing employees; onboarding- and offboarding. Ensure that these processes are not only practical - giving manuals to new employees is not onboarding, taking laptops from departing employees is not offboarding – and make sure to connect hearts and minds. Invest in offboarding, no matter how someone leaves, and facilitate the preferred methods of knowledge transfer among the people concerned.

In a rapidly evolving world, people’s goals and qualities shift quickly as well. To make the most of both arriving and departing staff, we advocate excellent on- and offboarding programs. Interestingly, a survey by Accenture shows that 55% of departing employees are willing to contribute online to their former employer’s success, when offered a serious incentive. This offers refreshing opportunities in human resources”

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