Just in time, just enough, just for me.

Just in time, just enough, just for me.

Your work is going nicely. And then you get stuck. Where do you find the solution? Everybody is busy, you have to go on. You don't want to search endlessly in documents or training courses. You don’t have enough time.

There’s an increasing demand for performance support: help while you work. So that you don't stand still. Or make mistakes. That saves time and money, is efficient for your brain and contributes directly to the operating result. But when is performance support more than a search function? What if you not only find the information quickly but also learn from it straight away?

We provide performance support at four levels:

  1. Smart search & find technology.
  2. Didactics so that you immediately learn from what you find.
  3. Clear content with a high speed of understanding.
  4. Working at the workplace.

Do you want to start straight away or do you also need help structuring the content? Decide together which resources suit you and how much didactics & technology they include. With our smart technology, we immediately track where most learning questions are located in a group!

Performance support you do learn from.

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