What is onboarding?

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is a well-known management jargon. It describes the first step in successful collaboration between new employees and their employers. It goes beyond just practical aspects of onboarding. Yes, it is about providing knowledge and practical skills so that new colleagues can get started in their new position. But more than just that, it is about giving meaning and successfully landing at a new company. Want to know how it works? Read below.

Our TinQwise Newbies onboarding solution was designed for the psychological challenges a new job evokes in people. The underlying principle: everybody is a newbie. No matter how experienced you are, when you start in a new job, there will always be new things you have to deal with. Newbies helps you quickly find happiness in your work and make a good start. And Newbies also connects colleagues. Onboarding successfully is not something you do by yourself; you do it together.’

The five psychological principles that are the basis for Newbies are provided here.

We have an onboarding package for every type of business, for every budget and for every time frame.

The current HR landscape

More than ever, people are looking for life satisfaction. So also in their work. Where safety and security used to be the most important reasons for choosing a job, we are now increasingly concerned with meaning and job satisfaction

Job satisfaction: The new trend

Onboarding traditionally focuses on making employees productive as quickly as possible. You give them functional knowledge. This way of training seems practical but does not always suit the employee in today's labor market. People don't want to get started super quick, but want to get started in a more meaningful way. They want to feel at home, so they can afford to look for another 'match' in the short term if they don't like it.


  • 25% of employees leave within their first year.

  • Most employees do this within the first 45 days since joining.

  • 46% of starters quit their job within 18 months.

Why onboarding?

25% of all new employees leave within the first year and most of them in the first 45 days. That can easily cost a medium-sized company around € 25,000 in productivity per departing employee, which is a considerable cost.

That is why a good plan is extremely important. The practical approach of traditional onboarding no longer works. Then, what is the solution? A program that is aimed at balancing knowledge and happiness. Companies that set up their plan in this way get happy and productive employees, who stick around.

Newbies: Pre and Onboarding service

At TinQwise we have years of experience in making onboarding programs. We have brainstormed and bundled all this experience into TinQwise Newbies: our unique remote onboarding process for new employees, managers, HR, and recruitment. We set up your custom work-in areas with the Newbies app, full of happy moments for immediate job satisfaction. Newbies is happy onboarding.

Remote onboarding

The demand for digital onboarding has increased sharply since the Corona crisis. This trend was already underway, but is gaining momentum due to COVID-19. Now more than ever, we work from home. Recruitment of new staff has gone digital and there is need for remote onboarding. Fortunately, distance is not so distant thanks to Newbies. Curious? Request the demo here.


  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Hunkemöller
  • ABN Amro
  • Randstad
  • Arcadis
  • Takeaway
  • Debuut
  • Axis

‘Emotion is everything’

Hunkemöller is one of the frontrunners when it comes to onboarding. According to Anne Jaakke, Global HR Director, it’s all about perception: ‘Emotion is everything.’ Watch the interview with Anne.

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