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Not reporting a data breach. Access to consumer data by unauthorized staff. Bribery. Just some recent examples of where it goes wrong. Non-compliance is seriously sanctioned. Fines, having your license revoked or even imprisonment.

A good compliance service sets people up for making fair decisions. And supports a culture where situations can be safely reported. This doesn’t just prevent expensive mistakes, it’s critical for a solid brand reputation.

Are you facing the challenge of making ethics and compliance personal to everyone in your company? EthiQs raises your conscience and brings the rules to live. 

How can you train integrity?

Raise your conscience

We believe compliance to be a value, that can be learned as a skill. EthiQs is a non-stop compliance service, based on first class learning technologies. EthiQs raises your conscience and brings the rules to live.

Raise your conscience

And rise above the rules

Joost Uitdewilligen, creative partner at TinQwise: “Only if people learn to act from their conscience they can make the right choices. We train this. And meanwhile we explain the rules. We show the impact of your decisions on others. That’s how we create social accountability.”

And rise above the rules

EthiQs Adapt & Go

You’re only three steps away to let EthiQs help you:

  • Choose.  Make your choice from our approved solutions & topics.
  • Adapt.  Add your  flavour: stories, examples, visuals & branding. 
  • Go.  Do the final check, make it perfect & go.  


Do you need a specific concept? Do you have a special topic? Then of course we still make customized compliance solutions.

We believe in the power of the group. We develop our compliance training courses with a fixed group of customers. Together we identify compliance risks, we develop smart services and we share the development costs.

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