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Take Off: preboarding and onboarding

With hundreds of new colleagues per month Takeaway.com ranks first in the top 250 of growth companies of 2020. How do you give these people a good, stable induction if you grow this hard and everything is changing continuously? Together with Takeaway.com we developed Take Off, a 100-day preboarding and onboarding experience. New colleagues can use it to take the lead in their own onboarding. Additionally, the app facilitates managers to provide adequate guidance in the process. 

You are the boss

Take Off recommends new induction activities every week, such as short online learning bites or quizzes about Takeaway.com, or assignments by which you are introduced to colleagues. Here, the focus is on ownership: we stimulate initiative by teaching new hires to ask the right questions. 

You are the boss

Finding your feet

Take Off has five onboarding targets: Get Ready, Master the Basics, Get Connected, Do Your Thing, and Be a Part. Together these ensure that new hires will have a good start. With these targets we bring about a well-balanced programme. They are not only intended for helping new hires with practical matters but also for helping them find their feet in Takeaway.com, the team and their new role. 

What’s Up?

Whether people really find their feet is monitored with What’s Up? questions. Every week, we ask them online what they think of their onboarding, if they feel at home, and if they feel they can make a useful contribution.  

What’s Up?

Reactions from new hires

  • "The onboarding process has been really nice."

    "The TakeOff platform helped me to discover and understand, in a really easy way, all that's necessary about the company itself. I think it’s a really good platform, interactive, and during your first days it makes you feel proud of being part of Takeaway.com.”

  • “Great impression so far!”

  • “I think it is a good initiative to already get new hires on board before they start."

    "In this way, you get even more enthusiastic about your new employer.”

Manager dashboard

We also ask them if they need something from their manager. The manager receives a notification of these answers, and in his/her own management dashboard he/she can see at a glance how a team member is doing and the progress the team member has made in the process.

In this way, Take Off sees to it that new hires quickly feel they are part of Takeaway.com and have the right means to be able to do their job.  

Manager dashboard


Take Off runs on Qollab software. With the content builder it is easy for Takeaway.com to add and adjust the learning bites, quizzes and other interactive learning content fast. Notifications ensure that new colleagues and managers remain active on the platform. Using detailed data and insights, we closely monitor feedback from users. 


Happy onboarding with Newbies

Onboarding is exciting, interesting and instructive. It involves familiarisation, integration and finding your feet. Onboarding is emotion! Our Newbies philosophy focuses on the psychological process that new colleagues experience. New colleagues feel welcome and part of the team, enabling them to start work while feeling relaxed and self-assured. 

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