Onboarding is emotion

A new job - exciting! Your new employees will be looking forward to it. But that enthusiasm can rapidly dissolve if you don’t take their real needs into account. 25% of new hires drop out in the first twelve months; in fact, those numbers peak in the first 45 days. 

Even so, 100% of other onboarding programmes do not pay any attention to the emotions involved in onboarding. But Newbies does. 

More than just the practical aspects

Newbies does more than just arranging the practical side of things. Newbies is your guide, your helping hand during emotional onboarding. Newbies does care about how your new employees feel, and responds to those feelings. So your new staff soon gain confidence. Newbies challenges them to make contact with their colleagues and to ask the right questions. And they soon feel at home in your company. And stay there. Happy onboarding! 

Newbies works in five steps:


Learning Technologies Awards

Recently, Zilveren Kruis received an award for their onboarding solution. They had called us in and together, we designed happy onboarding for their customer-contact advisers. 

The result? The drop-out rate was reduced by two thirds. Onboarding time was reduced by 8 hours. And last but not least: Measurably happy customer contact advisers! 

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