Happy moments

...for new colleagues

Likes on your introduction post, feeling a sense of loyalty to your new colleagues long before you start, having your favourite song played on your first day at work. Happy moments make for unforgettable preboarding and onboarding. 

As soon as new hires have signed, give them access to the Newbies app and surprise them with your unique journey, your own content, communication and performance support for their new jobs. 

...for managers, HR and recruitment

The Newbies app gives managers ownership of their new team members’ preboarding and onboarding. Managers have an immediate grasp of who’s new on their team, can check how new hires are doing and what they can do to quickly get them come to grips with their job.

Newbies makes the roles and tasks clear, by clarifying what HR and recruitment do and when something’s the manager’s responsibility. Of course, you decide the number of roles and what they do.

This is what you get

Together, we set up the perfect preboarding and onboarding flows in your company. That will make your life, and that of your colleagues, much easier and happier. Take a look:

New colleagues

enjoy all happy moments. 
know what is expected from them, and when. 
learn with fun interactive content. 
own their own onboarding process. 
quickly improve their skills in their new job. 
feel loyal to their new colleagues from the very start. 
share dreams, wishes and expectations. 
bring new perspectives.

HR and Recruitment

improve preboarding & offboarding journeys. 
update and develop content with our didactic formats. 
adapt information to suit countries, departments, roles and positions.  
classify new colleagues, groups and departments. 
improve and match the recruitment process.  
set Newbies KPIs, measure and improve. 
set up skills and skill trees for accelerated productivity. 

Managers & Buddies

simply give new team members a personal, warm welcome. 
find it easier to coach new colleagues and to keep them. 
take on a supervisory role and unburden HR. 
quickly adapt the induction process based on experiences. 
maintain short lines of communication with HR & Recruitment to make quick adjustments. 
set Newbies KPIs, measure and improve. 
know how everyone is doing and what they can do to help. 
can quickly add and adapt instructions, tasks and checklists.

Your company

expresses a consistent message about your identity and culture. 
teaches processes and working methods from day 1. 
can start immediately with compliance and safety. 
builds a business case to quantify the advantages and savings. 
profits from a rise in work happiness among all new colleagues. 
uses advanced reporting for boards, directors and managers. 
measures engagement and your NPS as an employer. 
reinforces your values, standards and code of conduct.

What do our clients say?

“We are very happy with Newbies. New colleagues get everything they need and it saves me so much time."

Anne-Marie van Veldhuizen - Head of Education and Training Design Department at Koninklijke Landmacht

"The cooperation with TinQwise is pleasant and goes very smoothly!"

Lara Moerer - Communications advisor at the Municipality of Leiden

‘The customer contact advisers are so much better prepared for the real situation. And the onboarding is much more efficient and much more fun!’

Yvonne Bax - Sr. Manager HR at Achmea

You’re in good company


Learning Technologies Awards

Recently, Zilveren Kruis received an award for their onboarding solution. They had called us in and together, we designed happy onboarding for their customer-contact advisers. 

The result? The drop-out rate was reduced by two thirds. Onboarding time was reduced by 8 hours. And last but not least: Measurably happy customer contact advisers! 

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