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Newbies Team Game

Gear up! Your new employees have just started. They have yet to get to know the organization and their new colleagues. You have to onboard them. A good introduction can make all the difference. But how do you do that? By the Newbies Team game that Immersive carefully curates for you. This game introduces new colleagues to each other in a fun and interactive way. We promise you something valuable for a long-lasting team- a perfect start!

EthiQs Dilemma Game

How do you make sure that your employees work safely according to the rules? And act according to company values? True ethics & compliance is more than just soaking in the rules. With the EthiQs Dilemma Game, you dive into various ethical dilemmas. A scenario-based game: players make intuitive choices and experience the effects. ​Confronted with all kinds of scenarios that they could encounter in their work; the choices influence the course and outcome of the game.​ The scenario adapts based on the choices of the player.​ 

What do our clients say?

‘The Brand Event was really raised to the next level, partly due to the flexibility, creativity and strong focus of TinQwise Immersive. And from the many compliments we received from our employees worldwide, we seem to have achieved our goal.’

Evelien Post, Global Internal Communications Manager - Hunkemöller

‘Students often live in their own bubble, it is important to make them aware of this and to break through it. Open deur?! offers students a safe world to take a first step and make real contact with the other. Meeting and connecting is central.’

Saskia Kok - Project Leader for Digital Learning at Anne Frank House

'This introduction escape room is a win-win: GGZ NHN distinguishes itself in a tight labor market and it is the ultimate end result of HR team building!'

Kim Camfferman, Interim Manager HR - GGZ NHN

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