Rules are indispensable. But not enough.

Rules are rules, and we can’t do without them

Without rules, your company’s safety, ethics and reputation are at risk. Anything could happen: data could be made public, industrial accidents could happen, (public) health could be compromised or the environment could suffer damage. But it’s not enough just to know and apply the rules.

You need to train your conscience

Every professional faces an issue that troubles his or her conscience now and then. And you need a healthy conscience to deal with it ethically. EthiQs’ comprehensive approach teaches your people to apply the rules, train their consciences and build a permanently ethical company.

Our EthiQs’ integrity service consists of a learning platform and a toolkit that can be adjusted to suit your type of company, your culture and your corporate identity. It has a marketing toolkit for promotion. And a data and reporting service for real-time information. 

EthiQs 5 integrity rules


Learning Technologies Awards

IKEA and TinQwise were jointly awarded two Learning Technologies Awards for our 360 Food Safety experience. 

This is what the jury had to say: “Brilliant global programm using mobile technology to introduce experiential compliance learning for people to do together in teams. Much more than compliance, this programm aims to create a movement.” 

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