Effective learning means innovation

You grow by learning. But because our work is constantly changing, we desperately need new ways of learning. 

A standard training course? Yawn. Innovation requires creativeness. It demands an out-of-the-box learning solution: versatile content that responds to what your people need whenever they need it.

Learning re-invented

Custom Red sees learning in another light. We create surprising learning programmes that challenge your people. Singly, or as a group. 

We have individual programmes for acquiring new knowledge and programmes for performance support. We have joint programmes and social learning, for developing skills or changing behaviour, ranging from short learning interventions to development academies to complete capability programmes.

We have more than thirty years’ experience, so creativeness and innovation are embedded in our DNA. No question is too much. We are the inventors.


TinQwise & Hunkemöller

We are proud to have been Hunkemöller’s learning partner for five years now, and together we have won Gold at the international Learning Technologies Awards in London twice. 

Here’s what the jury had to say about HKM Academy: “We loved the fact that the blend was influenced by the objectives so directly, the overall concept by the context of the employees and that a great breadth of techniques were used. Add to that efficiency and effectiveness and you have a great programme. Potentially one of the most exiting projects we’ve seen.”

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