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REIN World of Care Academy

An ageing population, staff shortages, austerity, legislation, technological developments. Care for the elderly has changed radically in recent years and is still developing all the time. Due to these developments, the quality of care for the elderly is under increasing pressure. The strong focus on efficiency means that there is little time left for the human side of care or for monitoring and improving the quality of care.

Elderly care organisations QuaRijn and Careyn have taken the initiative to develop an organisation-transcending learning programme. Their goal is to create a learning network to which 35 geriatric care organisations with a total of approx 14,000 care workers in the Utrecht region will be affiliated by 2022. These 35 organisations provide care to approximately 15,000 elderly people.

Together we have developed REIN World of Care Academy: a flexible, blended learning solution that empowers the broad group of care providers so that they can continue developing and improving together with their close colleagues, based on their shared passion and greater personal attention for their clients. 

Winner of 2 Learning Technologies Awards 2020

  • GOLD: Excellence in the design of learning content, public & non profit sector

    Jury comments: "A brilliant use of mixed modality and external tools to engage the learner, using familiar assets that everyone knows and can relate to. The use of an avatar who felt like a real character was especially engaging and entertaining. A wonderful way to learn and a well-deserved winner."

  • SILVER: Best use of blended learning, public & non-profit sector

    Jury comments: "This project was the result of exceptional management of a large number of stakeholders to create a solution that worked well for all of the intended audience. The character that the learning was based around was well thought through and relatable to the learners. The project utilised a wide variety of media and demonstrated good results, both qualitative and quantitative."


Care providers are doers and have a shared passion for the senior citizens they are caring for. What they want to do most of all is contribute to the health, welfare and well-being of their clients. Their passion is not always for learning, especially if it has to be done from a book or on a computer. And they also don’t have enough time for it.

That's why we developed the character of Rein and his world, the REIN World of Care Academy. It’s a way of learning that suits the target group because it makes them curious and motivates them. Rein shows how bringing back personal attention and learning and improving brightens up the life not just of the client but also that of the care provider.  


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REIN World of Care Academy is a blended programme that focuses on the themes of personal development, team development and people-oriented care. The programme reminds care providers of the importance of continuing to learn and helps them develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. It does this with a wide variety of learning methods: the care providers learn offline and online, individually and in groups, independently or supervised.

This carefully thought-out combination of online and offline learning methods ensures that we can motivate and activate the target group in an accessible way during their work. While at the same time utilising all the advantages of the online tools, such as scalability, a wide range of learning options and the ability to adapt quickly.

The blended learning solution consists of the following elements: 

A toolkit with offline games and activities

An online platform that includes:
  • Learning modules focusing on awareness and reflection, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.
  • A talent analysis and a 360-degree feedback tool
  • A personal development plan
  • An online community
  • A performance support apSupervised team sessions

Supervised team sessions 

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Care providers about REIN

Clients about REIN

  • 'The fishing game (Fish and Guess) is really fun to play. I’m sorry to say that the nurse cheats sometimes so I end up losing. But it still doesn’t spoil the fun.'

    Mr Van de Haven

  • ‘The balloon game has got us all moving again. Nobody wants to lose, so we all join in. Otherwise we’d just be sitting around. And it’s really fun to do it together.’

    Ms Annink

  • ‘I never imagined that we senior citizens would have so much fun with a balloon. Now I wouldn’t miss it for anything.’

    Ms van Maarseveen


The results so far have been excellent! In September 2019, we launched the REIN World of Care Academy pilot at QuaRijn and Careyn and from February 2020 the phased roll-out to the other geriatric care organisations in the Utrecht region.

By June 2020, 33 percent of the healthcare employees of the affiliated organisations were active on the online platform. And 16 of the 35 targeted healthcare organisations were already connected. This means that we’re well ahead of our 2022 target.

REIN started as a two-year project. Given all the positive reactions about the added value of REIN, we and all the affiliated geriatric care organisations are looking into how we’ll carry on with the REIN World of Care Academy after 2022. 

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