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APM Terminals

The terminal is hyper-modern, but the work being done by people is still very important. The substance of some jobs will change, however, and new jobs will be added. We were asked: How do you train several hundred employees for more than 45 jobs before the terminal opens? The knowledge must be optimally tailored to the new processes. It’s also important that everybody knows their new team and can start practising already. Minor detail: these employees absolutely don’t like working with the computer. So quite a challenge for TinQwise!

By means of co-creation, together with APM Terminals TinQwise developed a blended training plan with an online academy. This pre-boarding includes multiple steps. Everybody starts with the same introduction, followed by specific (online) training for the various jobs. But people are also going to work classically so that they can become accustomed to the new role distribution. According to the ‘train-the-trainer’ principle, APMT can give this training itself and adapt it in the future. But TinQwise wouldn’t be TinQwise if there wasn’t also a bit of learning made easy. Hence the game ‘Terminal Control’, which employees can use to try out the new control room.