Learning campaign

‘Think, care, act’

‘Think, care, act’

Several learning interventions that we offer over a longer period of time: that's how we define a learning campaign. We often start a learning campaign by transferring knowledge, building up to a personal approach within the interventions. This way, you’re not only working on knowledge and attitude but also on changing people’s behavior.

When we develop a learning campaign, we always put the receiver front and center – not the transmitter. TinQwise develops the content that a professional needs to work smarter and in a more social manner.

Satisfied customers and our learning campaigns:

  • Anne Frank Stichting
  • Stichting Rutgers
  • Belfius (BE)
  • Rabobank
  • DE Master Blenders
  • ABN Amro Clearing
  • Ziggo
  • SNS Bank

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