Learning from your pocket

Learning from your pocket

E-learning, web-based training, blended learning… There are so many different terms when it comes to online learning, but at its core it’s very simple: you get a training that you can (partly) follow by computer, tablet or smartphone. The major advantage is clear: you can learn anywhere and anytime.

As technology makes more and more possible, e-learning is a far cry from those ancient PowerPoint presentations or merely a digital book. Animations, videos, quizzes, but also AR and VR make e-learning appealing and diverse.

Generally, you will do an online learning intervention on your own – which can be a challenge for people at times. It requires a solid training that has a lot of interaction. People enjoy learning from others, so increasingly often social media will play a role in this process.

E-learning can be used as a single learning activity. But there’s a lot more to gain when you can repeat the learning moments and knowledge. That’s why the combination of e-learning with a classical training, practical assignments or performance management is even more effective. E-learning works extremely well, both within educational environments and companies.

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