I want to start a project...

Great, we can start straight away!

Great, we can start straight away!

We provide innovative learning solutions that get the best out of a group.

  • At 3 levels: Start straight away. Start with a tried-and-tested learning solution.
  • Adapt and go. Together, we adapt the solution to your learning question.
  • All for you. A custom-designed creative learning solution.

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We decide that together. For custom-designed learning solutions, we often work with LeadM, our own agile method. LeadM consists of fixed levels with corresponding deliverables. You can also start those levels separately with us. View the levels below.

LeadM: Working on levels

LeadM: Working on levels

Do you not yet know what you want?

  • Start with level 0/1. Then you can decide whether we should work out the idea.
  • Do you want a complete design but don’t yet want to start production? Choose level 0/1/2.
  • Do you want everything? So the idea, design and development of your learning solution? Levels 0 to 4.

Want to get an idea up and running quickly? We also do prototyping.

Service support

When your learning solution is delivered, you want everything to stay up to date, of course. Or perhaps continue straight away with some new functionalities in the backlog. You can use our service support to do this. Together, we draw up a Service Level Agreement in which we record your service requirements.