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Recognising asbestos in virtual reality

Asbestos has been banned since 1993. But because materials containing asbestos have been used in the construction industry for many years, this life-threatening substance is still often encountered. SGS Search, the inspection agency for the sustainable built environment, wants to make the Netherlands completely asbestos-safe. But how do you recognise asbestos? Starting now, SGS Search will provide the ‘Recognising asbestos’ Virtual Reality training course. TinQwise Immersive custom-designed the VR learning solution.

Learning by experiencing

With some things, you really have to see it before you can believe it. With the ‘SGS Asbestos’ virtual reality app for iOS & Android, participants in the ‘Recognising asbestos' training course learn about the dangers of asbestos in an immersive way. You learn how to recognise objects and you can test every object to see whether it contains asbestos. Then you inspect the objects yourself.

Learning by experiencing

Exploded views

You can use exploded views to see in detail where the asbestos is located in the object. This more effectively prepares the participants for a real asbestos inspection. They can use the VR application everywhere: it works with all cardboard VR spectacles.

Exploded views
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The app is part of a blended learning procedure at SGS Search Training. The complete procedure consists of a face-to-face training course and the experience in virtual reality.

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