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Always visible to your customer

Always visible to your customer

Want to apply for a mortgage, open an account or ask about your investments? You no longer need to go to the bank! These days, you can do it all digitally. In an online video chat with the bank’s adviser, customers can be served at their convenience. Whether from the comfort of their own sofa or on holiday.

As part of the training process, ABN AMRO asked TinQwise Immersive to build a VR learning module. The bank’s advisers can use it to practice Video Banking with frequently asked questions from customers. With a customised ABN AMRO Cardboard and their smartphones, employees can become ‘Video Banking Pros’ in 10 levels. To ultimately offer the customers that special ABN AMRO 9+ experience. 


Helping customers with their banking needs with a webcam is different to when a customer comes to the office. Because how do you welcome somebody on a webcam? And how can you make a Video Banking call as personal as possible? By asking colleagues to join in with the call, or by immediately arranging follow-up appointments online, for example. So that you can also offer that 9+ experience digitally. And you stand out as a bank that offers added value.


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To become a Video Banking Pro, you need to unlock a number of levels. You can only reach those levels when you have the right skills. Colleagues can see how far people have progressed and who is already a pro and who is not. That way, they stimulate each other to obtain that certificate too.

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Gamification elements have been added to intrinsically motivate employees to become Video Banking Pros. Besides being educational, elements such as unlocking levels, winning trophies and improving your own score are also lots of fun. So much so that everybody will want to become a Video Banking Pro. 


The result

  • The first steps

    The first steps

  • The virtual office is starting to take shape

    The virtual office is starting to take shape

  • Custom cardboard

    Custom cardboard

  • Promotion in the office

    Promotion in the office

  • Have you tried it already?

    Have you tried it already?

  • The changing future is sometimes very close

    The changing future is sometimes very close

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