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Customer centricity?  VR provides the experience

Customer centricity? VR provides the experience

ABN AMRO head office staff rarely interacts directly with clients, even though everything they do revolves around these very clients. To have head office employees experience the impact of their decisions on ABN AMRO clients and branch office colleagues, TinQwise developed an innovative digital learning solution based on Virtual Reality. The learning solution, a digital game, offers each user the opportunity to experience - in a safe environment - practical consequences of their (head office) decisions and new policies issued.

This unique learning solution combines e-learning and Virtual Reality by means of an 'asymmetrical multi-player'; two colleagues learn and experience by execution and interaction trough different devices. The one colleague in Virtual Reality (3D) and the other on the computer (2D).

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The game is played by two employees from ABN AMRO head office. The digital multi-player assigns a role to each participant. One plays head office employee (basically plays himself), the other plays a branch office employee. Both players need to cooperate in a smart way because they share a common goal; achieving the right balance in NPS (customer satisfaction) and strategic business objectives, within one working day. In VR the branch office employee services customers who walk up to the counter, clients at a desk in, while the head office employee is presented with all kinds of decisions to be made - on the computer.

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Both players will influence the scores, but only the head office employee (the player behind the computer) has the ability to influence the course of the game. Just like in real life! Ultimately the experience is about understanding the consequences of head office decisions for clients and branch office colleagues; such as increasing wait times at queue lines, unsatisfied customers or just the contrary.

After 15 minutes, the two players switch roles so they both can experience what it feels like to be the other. At the end, a facilitator - an actual branch office colleague - discusses the experience with the two head office employees.

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Head office employees can now experience in real time which impact their decisions may have on branch office staff, and how consequently clients experience the service of the bank. In the long run this will impact the bank's business results. Improving teamwork by understanding each other's tasks and challenges better, that is what TinQwise considers optimal use of the possibilities of VR.


From vision to reality

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    The bank office of ABN AMRO in VR

  • A VR learning solution also starts with a brainstorm

    A VR learning solution also starts with a brainstorm

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    Testing the sound

Smarter together

The VR learning solution for ABN AMRO is developed together with TinQwise Immersive. TinQwise Immersive is an independent company within the TinQwise network, that by means of immersive techniques - such as virtual and augmented reality realizes lasting behavioural changes. See below the colleagues of TinQwise and TinQwise Immersive that contributed to this VR learning experience.

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