Celebrating successes

You should celebrate successes!

Whose success are we talking about? What's a good way to celebrate anyway? As you can see, I have some questions about success. I would like to take you into my thoughts, and hope you share yours with me. 

Sergio Pengel
Sergio Pengel Onboarding Specialist

What are we actually talking about?

A common confusion is that success is a dot on the horizon that you can work towards. While this is true, it is also a narrow view of success. During the Olympic and Paralympic games, I learned that success is more than meets the eye. It is relative and based on personal understandings. You could say that success is the result of different actions.

What are we actually talking about?

When do you hang the garlands?

You do that when you have achieved a certain goal. At the same time, you may now achieve a certain goal. It then makes sense to reflect on how the process went. As well as what lessons you can learn from it to achieve the next goal. Call it a new beginning, a reason to party.

When setting a goal, you can ask yourself 3 questions:

• What do I want to achieve?

• What am I likely to achieve?

• What could I achieve?

When do you hang the garlands?


The last three questions are important to test yourself. It is also useful to determine how you will measure that success. Think about asking yourself the following questions:

• What has gone different than planned, and what can I learn from that?

• Why you were successful in the first place?

• Is it about the success rather than the end result?

Finding answers to the above questions will give you the opportunity to achieve more. You also find better results. 


How exactly do you celebrate?

That is a good question. You can think of anything, but sometimes the best way is to ask. Tinqwise welcomed new colleagues in September. We had asked how they like to celebrate successes. The intention was to learn more about the relationship between performance and reward.

It is a personal exploration that you share with a group of people. In turn, it creates an opportunity to learn from and with each other. Besides, you can keep all ideas in a jar. Each time you celebrate, draw an activity that you can do with your team. Puppy parties, creative workshops, a stage to share your passion, or highlighting a good cause for a month- make something of it!

How exactly do you celebrate?

Do you want to celebrate successes within your employees?

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