Onboard with Anand Jansen

"Excellent onboarding will provide peace of mind and confidence"

"Excellent onboarding will provide peace of mind and confidence"

Enterprise organization VNO NCW Midden barely knew anything about onboarding, so they approached us. Our Business Developer Anand Jansen brought them up to speed in an interview for their newsletter.

“Onboarding is a work-in program for new employees. It makes them feel at home as they get to know the organization and learn how to do their job the right way.

A great onboarding program will make new employees integrate quickly and raises the level of productivity. It generally takes about nine to twelve months for somebody to reach optimal production capacity – but the right onboarding can reduce that time to three to six months.

How do you handle onboarding?

“You have to design a process that goes beyond practicalities. It’s not just a matter of ‘Here is your desk and this is your laptop’ – make sure that you really connect people. It’s about the organization’s strategy, the culture and knowing where to go when you’ve got questions. But it also deals with details: should you dress formally or casually when it comes to office attire? Onboarding has all the answers, which puts people at ease and makes them feel confident."

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