Learning in Lockdown

Two weeks ago, our world also came to a short standstill when the coronavirus measures were announced. Daily routines were turned upside down and we've all had to change the way we work.

Up to now, we’ve managed pretty well. We call into TinQwise every morning for the daily kick-off. And our work goes on, albeit in an extraordinary way. Some customers call us to cancel a learning project. While others call us to start one. Because they too are having to deal with a new reality:

How do you welcome new employees if they’re not allowed to be physically present?

What can you learn about the new collection if it’s not in the shops?

Which practical tips turn a school class into an online school class?

Every day we work together to find the right solutions. We can make it better by working together, especially now. That’s why, in the weeks to come, we want to share our experiences, observations and ideas about learning and working during and after the lockdown.

Today, Part 1: 

“Everything has closed down”...

...words everyone has heard over the past few weeks. They apply to sport, hotels, pubs, restaurants, and so on.

Yet everyone is working overtime in the supermarkets and the healthcare and home delivery sectors. Worldwide, Amazon was one of the first companies to announce the immediate recruitment of 100,000 people (and that’s just in the US). True, Amazon was already looking for staff before the corona crisis. But still.

Closer to home, the same applies to Thuisbezorgd.nl. They were already understaffed and have now seen the number of orders increase exponentially now that restaurants are closed.  

So we weren’t really surprised to hear that Takeaway.com, Thuisbezorgd’s parent company, is happy to continue with the digital onboarding journey that we’re organizing for them. In fact, they have more new people starting there on the first of the month. And particularly now it’s vitally important for Takeaway.com that they have a good digital onboarding process during which they can truly connect with their people.

Together we’re launching Take Off, a web app that new employees will use to get to know Takeaway.com, its working method, its mission and how they will contribute to it.

The digital onboarding journey stimulates the new hires to adopt a proactive attitude, it makes them more self-reliant and it creates a network in the organization.  

A real boost for us and for Takeaway.com. And a very positive development for everyone who wants to keep enjoying great restaurant food. 

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