Connecting the dots

Last week, my nephew forwarded me a YouTube video from @theadleyshow. Frankly, I am a bit tired of all those corona jokes, but this one immediately caught my attention. American social media sensation Adley Stump satirises a press conference of which we have seen so many. With a very straight face she explains the corona rules and exposes their absurdity in a most hilarious way. 

Any organisation will have a hard time making a policy for that. And if compliance is your job, ensuring that the employees comply with the rules will be close to impossible. 

Patricia Handels
Patricia Handels Learning Specialist / Business Developer
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'New normal'

We are facing the ‘new normal’. According to an article in Dutch newspaper Trouw, the new normal is “a new reality, often after a shocking event, the consequences of which we still have to get used to.” We have had to deal with a new normal before. After 9/11, for example. But what is the new normal like this time? The new travelling, doing sports, going to school, going out for dinner, or doing business? We just do not know yet. And by the time we think we do, everything will be different.

We are not on firm ground anymore

So this is the new new normal: that we do not know and that it can change at any time again, but we do not know how or when. The world is more unpredictable than ever. The risks are big. Dependences have changed and continue to change. The focus is shifting from what is certain to what is uncertain, from what is not allowed to what is still allowed. What is the baseline situation to base the policy and rules on? How do you deal with rules that keep on changing?  

Can you find the connections?

This is quite a challenge for the compliance officer. The field of activity is getting wider. Organisations will ask for advice or even guarantees more and more often, especially now that guarantees cannot be given. Compliance will be playing an increasingly important part in society. Think of all the protocols in store for us to resume our normal activities the corona-proof way. We will have to look at things differently. We will all have to switch more quickly, be more agile. This requires a new approach as well as new knowledge and skills. Can you connect the proper dots in the new reality at the right moment? 

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