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A safe voyage with Poseidon

A safe voyage with Poseidon

Did you know that we not only have air traffic controllers, but also vessel traffic service operators? The National Nautical Traffic Service Training (NNVO) is the main training centre for these operators. From container ship to pleasure yacht, they ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely.

Recently, NNVO changed course with this VTS-O training: from classroom teaching to more digital learning. NNVO asked TinQwise to develop an innovative learning platform to support this ambition. The result was Poseidon: an online practice environment which helps potential traffic service operators prepare for practice. 

Andreas Keller, Head of Training VTS

"The best thing I saw was in the user test. For an entire hour, it was completely silent in the class. All I saw were heads with red ears sticking out above the screens. We really nailed it." 

Andreas Keller, Head of Training VTS

Specific knowledge and skills 

As a vessel traffic service operator, you must always be alert. You need knowledge, insight and specific skills. For example, you must be thoroughly familiar with your sailing area, be able to operate the equipment skilfully and communicate clearly with the people on the water. All under pressure: you only have a few seconds to make adjustments.  

In Poseidon, you develop these skills in short, interesting exercises which build on each other. This is a fun way of recognising the right locations, interpreting radar information, measuring distances between ships and communicating remotely with ships according to the protocol. 

Shorter and more efficient

In the main menu, you can see exactly how far you have progressed. Have you brought in enough anchors in an exercise? If so, the next round will automatically start. Not yet feeling confident enough? You can repeat the exercises as often as you like. Once you are well underway, you also earn badges as an incentive.

In this way, participants in Poseidon are given the opportunity to explore and practise step by step in a safe, positive environment. And because Poseidon prepares participants thoroughly, less practice capacity is required and the training becomes shorter and more efficient. 

After completing Poseidon, participants still have some training ahead. They learn to further hone their skills in practice under the supervision of an experienced coach. Together, they sit at the simulator and work through challenging scenarios. This is an intensive and personal process.

To create that same feeling in Poseidon, for each exercise the participant receives a video explanation from real coaches, filmed on location at the simulator. That gives confidence in the future. 

Expand and add

Poseidon is constantly developing. The exercises are extended with new sets of questions. Based on the existing exercises, new scenarios can easily be elaborated and added, for example for sailing and operational employees of locks and bridges. 

Expand and add

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