2x goud en 1x zilver bij de Learning Technologies Awards 2020

Marleen Swart-Garretsen
Marleen Swart-Garretsen Marketing Communication Specialist

Drie keer in de prijzen bij de Learning Technologies Awards 2020! Ouderenzorgorganisaties QuaRijn en Careyn wonnen goud en zilver voor REIN: World of Care Academy. OMRON Healthcare pakte het goud voor OMRON Academy. We zijn ontzettend trots op de samenwerking met QuaRijn, Careyn en OMRON en de mooie projecten die we samen doen. Wij vieren (online) feest!

Awards & Jury commentaar

  • GOLD: Excellence in the design of learning content, public & non profit sector

    QuaRijn & TinQwise

    "A brilliant use of mixed modality and external tools to engage the learner, using familiar assets that everyone knows and can relate to. The use of an avatar who felt like a real character was especially engaging and entertaining. A wonderful way to learn and a well-deserved winner."

  • GOLD: Excellence in the design of learning content, international commercial sector

    OMRON Healthcare & TinQwise

    "This project demonstrated a clean and easy to use design, with clear simple writing, comprehensive, well-structured content and good signposting. The questions were well written and followed best practice guidelines. The solution showed a great amount of research had been done around users’ needs as they were clearly at the heart of its design. Care had been taken to provide an experience that was completely suited to the learning needs and CPD of the audience."

  • SILVER: Best use of blended learning, public & non-profit sector

    QuaRijn & TinQwise

    "This project was the result of exceptional management of a large number of stakeholders to create a solution that worked well for all of the intended audience. The character that the learning was based around was well thought through and relatable to the learners. The project utilised a wide variety of media and demonstrated good results, both qualitative and quantitative."

Mirjam Hagen, bestuurder QuaRijn

"Zo trots dat ons leerconcept Rein internationaal erkend is! 16 zorgorganisaties en ruim 6.000 zorgprofessionals maken er al gebruik van."

Mirjam Hagen, bestuurder QuaRijn

Lucia Prada, Marketing Director OMRON Healthcare

"Congratulations to the whole team, great achievement!"

Lucia Prada, Marketing Director OMRON Healthcare

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